The way you sell yourself in an interview will determine whether you get the job or not. You want to make sure you portray yourself in the best light, while exuding a healthy level of confidence.
We have some tips to help you do this;

1) Do your research – Organizations create positions because there are needs to be met or problems to be solved within the organization. Prepare for the interview by finding out what these problems are and how best they can be solved. If you have any, tell your interviewer about a time when you solved a similar problem, come with data.

2) Be confident – As mentioned earlier, you need the right amount of confidence to sell yourself properly during an interview. Notice how we said, “the right amount”, that’s because you do not want to come across as arrogant. You also need to mind your body language – Maintain a good posture and do not avoid eye contact as this may make you seem unsure and uninterested.

3) Be specific - In giving details of the skills you possess, and examples of times when you solved a problem, you need to be specific and not beat around the bush. Choose your words carefully and avoid using words such as “um”,“like” as they make you seem unsure of what you are saying and the information you are giving. Avoid giving vague answers when answering questions and keep it brief, you do not want to bore your interviewer.

4) Highlight your strengths – Now, we are not asking you to go on full bragging mode, you only need to speak about your skills and accomplishments here (be sure to use “I”, not “we”).
Here’s an example of things you could say to highlight your skills and accomplishments
In my final year at school, I led a team of five on a project that won several state and national awards.
In my previous job, we were understaffed, and I took on additional tasks outside of my role, just to ensure that the company goals were met.

5) Practice – Before the day of the interview, ensure you’ve had a lot of practice. Research interview questions and how to answer them, try it with a friend or a parent who can give honest feedback.

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