Searching for a job can be a bit of a hassle, whether you are unemployed or looking to change jobs.The process of landing your dream job remains the same, from preparing your resume, to sending them out to recruiters and getting prepared for interviews.
So, depending on what category you fall into, you want to make sure that you customize your approach to your level of expertise. While entry-level applicants try to compensate for lack of experience, experienced applicants capitalize on the breadth of their experience while searching for better opportunities.
Here are some tips to help you land your dream job;

1)    Get Busy
Maybe you got laid off from your previous job, or you are just starting out, don’t wait till you are hired before you start being productive. Start now, get busy!
You can express your interests in non-traditional ways like blogging about topics you are knowledgeable about, start offering consulting services online.
This is a great opportunity to display your work ethic and knowledge.

2)    Develop your skills
Become better in your chosen career so you can continue to create opportunities for yourself. Because employers are constantly looking for people who can deliver results, you need to prove that you are willing to learn and are not afraid to educate yourself. You can start by registering for an online course to improve your skills or even learn new ones. There’s a wealth of knowledge available to you on the internet, make good use of it.

3)    Network
To land your dream job, you need to network in multiple directions.
Make a list of all the people you currently have in your network and talk to them about your career goals and interests.
You also need to take time out to attend networking events that are relevant to you and your goals. Networking can be time-consuming, so make sure you are doing it right. These events are a great way to meet potential employers and professionals in your niche. Do not go about asking everyone for help, focus on building rapport with the people you meet at these events as that is a far more effective way of networking.
Make a good impression, follow up with people after the events and that way you are likely to be remembered and recommended for a job.

4)    Update your resume
    Maybe you’ve seen a job opening that caught your attention, what do you know about the job? Find out what is most relevant to the job and tailor your resume to it by filling it up with relevant experiences that will catch the eye of your potential employer. Be careful not to lie about the skills and experiences you possess while trying to do this. You also need to cut jobs that are not relevant to the role you are applying for.
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5)      Show employers that you are results-oriented.
It is a known fact that results are the most important goal for every employer, so as a job seeker, you need to focus on communicating this – in person and on your resume. Share some of the goals you set for yourself in the past, and the steps you took to get there. You may want to cite examples of when you volunteered to work on a project or when you stepped up in a situation where no one else was willing to do so.
Things like this show potential employers that you can take initiative and do what needs to be done to achieve results and lead your team to success.

6)    Optimize your social media
Because we are in the digital age, potential employers are looking beyond your resume. They now look at online profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter to find out what kind of person you are, what skills you possess and what you can offer them. You want to make sure your online profiles include a carefully curated portfolio of your work as this gives your potential employer a first-hand view of your work. Also make sure potential employers can see your interests on LinkedIn. 
Establish a strong online presence, it’s a great way to be seen!

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These are some helpful tips that are guaranteed to aid your job search and land you your dream job.

We will be talking about some other helpful tips in subsequent posts.

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