Effective Use Of Social Media For Jobseekers

Use of social media continues to be popular in many (if not all) spheres of life. We get breaking news (sometimes first), and all sorts of information from there. Companies who want to connect with existing customers, reach a new demographic, showcase or market their goods and services know that they cannot boycott social media. It has become a great place for employers to search out talent and for job-seekers to show what they can do. So how can you use social media to your advantage as a job-seeker?
  1. Have an online brand. You don’t need to have accounts on every social media platform, just have a few that you can manage. You can also have a simple personal website to showcase your work or experience.
  2. Prepare your profile. Make sure your avatar or profile picture is professional and clear, and your bio concise. Let it show what you do and have a link to your website. Use your real name, not an alias. Ensure that across all social media platforms you want to use for professional reasons, your profile is consistent.
  3. Keep it clean. There are apps that can clean up your social media accounts and make them free of questionable photos and profanity. Type your name in Google and see what comes up. If you don’t like it, clean it up. Be mindful of what you post on social media. Even when you are discussing matters you are passionate about, keep your conversation filtered and clean. Many people have lost opportunities or jobs because of their social media updates. Social media is also not the best place to rant after a job interview; your potential employer might be watching!
  4. Stay up to date. Follow relevant sites and influencers in your area of interest. Keep abreast of the happenings in that field.
  5. Start or join conversations about things you are interested in or that are related to your dream career. This is an opportunity to show your knowledge and to learn new things. It is also a great way to meet people, create relationships, and expand your professional network. Many recruiters and heads of organizations handle their own social media and are available to converse. Use hashtags well.
  6. Show what you can do. Put up pictures, start up a blog, write an article, do things that will show prospective employers or hiring managers just what you can do. Make it clear in your bio as well.
  7. Search relevant job websites like idashjobs.com and follow them on social media for updates. Follow career experts too, and seek advice if you need to.
  8. Let people know you are looking for a job. If you can state specifically what kind of job you are looking for, all the better. This will keep you on the minds of your connections and followers, and you may even hear about openings before they get on job boards and websites!


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